Carolina Maria de Jesus – Quarto de Despejo (1961)

RCA Victor BBL 1146

This is my first encounter with composer and singer Carolina Maria de Jesus and her (apparently) only recording.
As you can guess, I can not tell you anything about Carolina Maria except what was I read on the back cover text signed by Audalio Dantas but this is something you can do better than me, as my understanding of Portuguese is quite poor.

About her music: In a magic way, the impression of the front cover art describes the music precisely and I almost heard it before actually playing it, knew what to expect and was proven right.


01. Rá Ré Ri Ró Rua (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
02. Vedete da Favela (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
03. Pinguço (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
04. Acende o Fogo (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
05. O Pobre e o Rico (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
06. Simplício (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
07. O Malandro (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
08. Moamba (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
09. As Granfinas (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
10. Macumba (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
11. Quem Assim Me Ver Cantando (Carolina Maria de Jesus)
12. A Maria Veio (Carolina Maria de Jesus)


Créditos: Pedro & 300discos

2 thoughts on “Carolina Maria de Jesus – Quarto de Despejo (1961)

  1. Carolina de Jesus is a famous black woman writer in Brasil. This LP probably was a tentative to sell an image of her when his book “Quarto de Despejo” was in the best seller charts.

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